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We produce Dried Maggot, Maggot Flour and Pellets made from HIGH protein and BEST quality Maggot for your livestock.

From local farmers, we learn and with their support we build our company to answer the need for the best and quality feed supplements.



The best solution for quality animal feed supplements



• Used quality raw materials
• Maintain national and international standard production
• Used an integrated service system
• Laboratory-tested nutritional content validation
• Integrated product updates


MAWMAGGOT was founded by two ordinary individuals who aim to be independent entrepreneurs who are brought together in the same business. At first, they were professional service industry workers who had penetrated into the world of culinary/products, management to quality services.

Until one day "WE" found a promising opportunity in improving the quality of livestock or the scope of animal feed.

Therefore, we are here to provide products that can improve the quality of livestock in the form of nutritional supplements for livestock.

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If you are looking for a fun, challenging, fast-paced work environment with growth opportunities, come join our incredible.